Whether Companies Like It or Not: New FTC FAQs

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission updated the answers to its frequently asked questions, also called “What People Are Asking”, regarding its Endorsement Guides. The FTC last updated the FAQs in 2009 to address blogs and social media. Written clearly and in an engaging style, the FAQs specifically address questions about product placements and endorsements […]

Trial and Error and Mistrial

Or, “Do as I Say and Not as I Do.” A Texas judge who instructed jurors in a high-profile case to refrain from discussing the case with “anyone” was reprimanded by a state panel for posting Facebook updates about the very trial she was presiding over.

Courtesy of Ars Technica comes the news of Michelle […]

No Pets, No Parties, No Bad Yelp Reviews

Apartment complex dwellers know well that residential management have the ability to exert control over the presence of pets, noise level, parking and more. One apartment complex attempted to take that control to another level: social media. In short: If a tenant submitted a negative review or commentary online, he or she could be subject […]

Rattling the Cage: Twitter v. U.S. Government

“Bird in a Cage,” Ivan Perez,

In an effort to break free from the Justice Department’s restrictions on how transparent Twitter can be about national security requests for user data, the company has sued the U.S. government.

Per an online statement by Ben Lee, Twitter vice president:

“We’ve tried to achieve […]

The Real Deal: Authenticating YouTube Evidence

Amid Randazza v. Cox’s “tortured history” and “procedural maneuvering by both sides,” we navigate toward the matter of authenticating a YouTube transcript and video when submitted in support of a summary judgment motion.

In 2012, plaintiffs Marc Randazza, a First Amendment attorney, his wife and young daughter filed suit against defendant Crystal Cox, a self-proclaimed […]

Will Investors “Like” the New SEC Social Media Ruling?

A Facebook post from Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings sparked a recent SEC investigation into how companies communicate with their investors. The agency ruled that postings on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are sufficient means for disseminating important information such as news releases and earnings announcements as long as the company informs […]

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