March Madness: Judge Peck Issues New TAR Opinion

College playoff basketball isn’t the only hot topic this month — so, too, is the matter of using technology-assisted review (TAR). U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck’s recent order in Rio Tinto Plc v. Vale S.A., allowing the respective parties’ stipulation for using TAR for discovery, has generated a great deal of buzz in the legal […]

KM and EDRM?

Knowledge management, otherwise known simply as KM, has been a hot topic in e-discovery circles as of late. While the discipline is approximately 20 years old, it has only recently been catching on in the legal technology industry. Previously, it has been well known in business, management, and information sciences. Since the practice of law […]

Best Practices: Getting the Most out of Concept Search

Now up on the LLM, Inc. main website, a new white paper entitled, “Best Practices: Getting the Most out of Concept Search.” This paper and past papers can also be accessed in the education section of the main LLM, Inc. website.

This white paper addresses:

– The technology behind concept search (latent semantic indexing, LSI)


Keyword Searches: Great Expectations (and Reality)

The idea behind using a keyword search to augment linear review is far from complex: you use a word or short phrase to identify relevant documents, and then have a reviewer go through them page by page. Theoretically, this method combines the best of both worlds; the efficiency and thoroughness of a computer and the […]

Best Practices, Best Solution?

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) published their “Best Practices in eDiscovery in New York State and Federal Courts” this week in hopes to influence some sort of standardization in eDiscovery collection and preservation. It is no secret that those involved in eDiscovery, from counsel to vendors, have been searching for a universal document […]

The Future of E-Discovery: Webinar Recap

Yesterday we attended a webinar called The Future of E-Discovery: Top Ten Trends and Predictions. Maura Grossman, Counsel at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and Ron Hedges, former US Magistrate Judge, spoke on varying topics that have been foremost in the minds of the e-discovery world lately.

Grossman was at the Federal Civil Rules Committee […]

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