The Future of E-Discovery: Webinar Recap

Yesterday we attended a webinar called The Future of E-Discovery: Top Ten Trends and Predictions. Maura Grossman, Counsel at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and Ron Hedges, former US Magistrate Judge, spoke on varying topics that have been foremost in the minds of the e-discovery world lately.

Grossman was at the Federal Civil Rules Committee […]

Doing Justice to Justice: e-Discovery Reform Part 3

The group Lawyers for Civil Justice published their opinions on current attempts at e-discovery reform and did not hold back their frustration. LCJ insists that the scope of required discovery must be greatly narrowed in order to start solving today’s extensive discovery problems. The Girard Proposals have proffered certain amendments, but for LCJ these changes […]

Advisory Committee Makes No Progress with Data Preservation Reform

As we mentioned in our September 9th BLLAWG, the Civil Rules Advisory Committee had a mini-conference in Dallas to discuss changes to data preservation rules. The current standards are very vague and tend to vary, and as electronic evidence gains importance there is an increasing need to make sure no crucial information is “thrown away.” […]

Highlights: Gibson Dunn 2011 Mid-Year E-Discovery Update

Gibson Dunn has released its 2011 Mid-Year E-Discovery Update and reports that cases involving e-discovery are on the rise. In fact, e-discovery decisions have gone up by a remarkable 82% percent since mid-year 2010. Because litigation is increasingly widespread, more parties are seeking sanctions against opposing counsel for e-discovery negligence than ever before, for example […]

Florida Court Orders Party to Pay for Discovery Error

In this case, the District Court considered Lexington Insurance Company’s motion for sanctions and reviewed the magistrate judge’s previous recommendation of dismissal sanctions and reimbursement costs. Bray & Gillespie Management, LLC, after it was discovered that it failed to produce records, claimed it was unaware of an automatic function of the business’s computerized account management […]

Are E-Discovery Services Taxable?

In this IP case, Return Path Inc., et al. filed a motion to tax the costs related to using CBT Flint Partners, LLC to assist with the production of 1.4 million electronic documents and 6 versions of source code. CBT Flint Partners, LLC argued that fees associated with the collection of documents for production are […]

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