Failure to Dedupe: Unethical?

Anne Kershaw and Joe Howie write on the Law Technology News website about the results of their survey among eDiscovery providers. The gist of their article – and it’s a good one – is that failure to deduplicate e-mails across custodians may be at best sloppy, and at worst unethical:

We asked several judges to […]

Does This Layout Make Me Look Fat?

Welcome to our new-look BLLAWG for 2009, and beyond. You can now link directly to these words of wisdom with the URL; you can easily access it from our main website; you can subscribe to an RSS feed (using either Atom or Feedburner; if you don’t know the difference, just click on the […]

Why ALL Search Methods Stink

Yep, my headline for this post is pretty strongly-worded … but it’s also pretty accurate. The fact is, sanction-happy judges and vague, utopian court rules regarding ESI searches don’t mix, when you’re dealing with mounds of mostly-random electronic data.

Don’t take my word for it. Eric P. Mandel writes to the EDD Update blog about […]

Apropos of Nothing …

Here’s a bit of idle blogging levity to help you recover from Tax Day …

Because I’ve been publishing quite a few articles lately, I thought it might be a good idea to Google my own name “Gary Wiener”. For those of you who revel in such confusion, I’m an attorney and writer in San […]

Saving Time and Money in Document Review

From the Texas Lawyer (part of the Incisive Media megagroup) comes this useful article on how to effectively manage document reviews. LitManager is an outstanding review tool to help keep costs under control, but there is no substitute for managing the review process itself effectively to ensure that it gets done right the first time.


We Love It When People Agree With Us

Tom O’Connor is Director of the Legal Electronic Document Institute. In this post to, Tom sings the praises of hosted litigation support solutions and secure browser access to a web-based document repository.

LLM had nothing to do with this article, we promise — even though it’s nice to hear an unbiased observer write what […]

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