Need for Speed: ITC Wastes No Time During Discovery

Executive Corporate Magazine published an op-ed piece in this month’s edition which features attorneys Rodney R. Sweetland and Michael McManus of firm McKool Smith. The two principals speak on the subject of the International Trade Commission (ITC)’s considerably faster discovery proceedings in comparison to timelines set by district courts.

According to Sweetland and McManus, litigation [...]

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Honeywell Continues to Seek Sanctions against US Justice Department

WASHINGTON DC: Honeywell International continues in its legal battle against the US Justice Department for allegedly selling defective body armor to law enforcement and military agencies. Honeywell is now pushing for sanctions against the DOJ on a case which began in 2008, accusing the Deptarment of failed litigation holds for their continued lawsuit.

Honeywell has [...]

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Best Practices, Best Solution?

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) published their “Best Practices in eDiscovery in New York State and Federal Courts” this week in hopes to influence some sort of standardization in eDiscovery collection and preservation. It is no secret that those involved in eDiscovery, from counsel to vendors, have been searching for a universal document [...]

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Long Lost Facebook Owner?: Ceglia’s Discovery Evasion Raises Doubts

One year and four months after his case was filed Paul Ceglia lost his third legal team. The case revolves around Mark Zuckerberg and an alleged contract that would entitle Ceglia to at least half of the now multi-billion dollar company, Facebook, Inc.

Sanctions on Ceglia’s attorneys for not complying with court discovery orders could [...]

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Model Order for Discovery Reform

The Federal Court of Appeals just released a model order for patent litigation e-discovery reform. On Tuesday the Federal Circuit Advisory Council unanimously voted for the model in hopes that eventually many federal courts will come to use it and more efficient e-discovery standards will take hold.

Some of the more interesting limits the model [...]

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The Future of E-Discovery: Webinar Recap

Yesterday we attended a webinar called The Future of E-Discovery: Top Ten Trends and Predictions. Maura Grossman, Counsel at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and Ron Hedges, former US Magistrate Judge, spoke on varying topics that have been foremost in the minds of the e-discovery world lately.

Grossman was at the Federal Civil Rules Committee [...]

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