Indiana Court Calls for Production of Social Networking Profiles

A recent case filed in the Southern District Court of Indiana dealt with the difficult issue of discovery of social networking site information on Facebook and MySpace. As discovery of social media is a relatively new frontier, the court had a difficult decision to make in determining the scope of discovery. It will be interesting […]

Court Extends ESI Discovery from 5 to 18 Years

In this interesting Order, the Court makes a big swing from allowing five years back of ESI to be collected, to allowing eighteen years. This will definitely result in a large volume of data collected.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company filed a complaint against Teva Pharmaceuticals for an infringement on U.S. Patent No. 6,034,239. Takeda claimed that […]

New York Supreme Court Provides Detailed Discovery Protocol

The New York Supreme Court considered aspects of discovery of a hard drive for a recent marital dispute. In this opinion, the Court surpassed mere decision and instead, also outlined strict guidelines to be followed in connection to discovery of the hard drive.

On February 4, 2010, plaintiff Sarah Schreiber requested that a hard drive […]

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