Firm Survey Says: Change Is a Must

The 2015 Altman Weil Flash Survey: “Law Firms in Transition” was recently released, revealing how the legal market is changing and identifying the emerging forces that will move it forward — “whether law firms are ready or not.”

Of particular note was the No. 1 reason law firms aren’t doing more to change the way […]

No, Thanks: SCOTUS on U.S. Antitrust Law Reach

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court passed on reviewing U.S. antitrust law reach in sanctioning foreign defendants for price-fixing activities outside of the United States and did so without comment.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s coverage, one appeal was from AU Optronics Corp. The Taiwanese technology company and two former senior executives contended that […]

CLO Survey Says: Outside Work Heading In

The results for the 2014 Altman Weil “Chief Legal Officer Survey” are in. In addition to reflecting a mix of opinions about the best model for the inside-outside relationship, many common frustrations of chief legal officers (CLOs) emerged. Only 4 percent of CLOs expressed that they are satisfied with the traditional legal services delivery model. […]

As Fitbit Surges, Jawbone Sues

While the Apple Watch may be enjoying the current health-tracker buzz, Fitbit recently made headlines, first for its initial public offering of stock and then for being sued by Jawbone. The lawsuit alleges that when Fitbit poached Jawbone personnel, some of those prospective employees took valuable, proprietary information from Jawbone with them when they departed […]

RadioShack Rings up Brand and Data Deal

Once known as the “World’s Leading Specialty Electronics Retailer” (clock radios, scanners, remote-controlled cars, anyone?), RadioShack declared bankruptcy in February and is now selling its brand and customer data to the highest bidder — the hedge fund Standard General. The $26.2 million deal has raised concern among independent dealers and franchisees as well as state […]

Google Phights Phishing, Briefly Phails

Google Chrome users who inadvertently get hooked by a non-Gmail phishing page and enter their password can now be notified by a new extension: Password Alert. Once an internal Google solution only, Password Alert is available for external user download.

According to WIRED, phishing continues to be “one of the most serious and intractable problems […]

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