Some Tech a Day Keeps the Malpractice Away?

As we’ve said before in our work on the cloud, the international cloud and BYOD, litigation and e-discovery continue to rise and digital devices and technology proliferate. How much have you kept up with technology, and are you ethically bound to? An August blog by criminal appellate attorney and legal blogger Mark Wilson poses this [...]

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Bay State Shines Light on In-House Counsel Fees

When Omniglow Corporation, a light stick and luminescent product manufacturer, split in two, forming Cyalume and Omniglow, their relationship soon dimmed, resulting in a lawsuit and a sizeable verdict that included in-house counsel fees.

In Holland v. Jachmann, Omniglow claimed unfair business practices under Massachusetts state law. The court agreed, citing numerous breaches of [...]

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Judge Blows Whistle for Delay of Discovery

We began week three of college football with tackles, touchdowns and top 5 tips for minimizing class action litigation. So it’s only fitting we close with a whistle for delay of discovery and the subsequent penalty issued in the Jones Day sanctions order.

When a Partner at the international law firm of Jones Day, objected [...]

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T is for Top 5 Tips for Minimizing Class Action Litigation

If you’re a Longhorns football fan, it was a tough weekend with an insurmountable Hill to climb. While the Horns need to put the T back in tackle (and touchdowns), we turn to the T in top 5 tips for minimizing class action litigation, courtesy of the global law firm Sheppard Mullin.

Include an arbitration [...]

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Monkey See, Monkey Keep: Macaque Selfie Update

Earlier this month, we shared the brewing copyright case involving Wikimedia, a photographer and a macaque selfie. The recently released draft of the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices (third edition) weighs in on the matter rather explicitly.

The case began in 2011 when British nature photographer David Slater traveled to Indonesia to photograph the [...]

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Taking Up the Database Collection

The volume and value of data within database systems seems to be growing by byte leaps and bounds. So when you receive a data request, who’s your first contact: your IT department, a third-party provider or both? We outline advantages and advice as offered by Joe Sremack — a Principal in Berkeley Research Group’s Technology [...]

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