Do SCOTUS Citations Come up Short?

Citation change is afoot (or a footer) within the Supreme Court. As noted by Fortune, SCOTUS’ first shortened link appeared on page 30 of a recent decision, courtesy of Justice Elena Kagan. Is this a good or bad thing? Depends on whom you ask.

According to Fortune, on one side is the opinion reflected by […]

Brexit: What’s Ahead for U.K. Tech?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” wrote Charles Dickens in the opening of his 19th-century novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” How appropriate it is today and to the conflicting reactions to the U.K.’s referendum to exit — or Brexit — the European Union. While it’s most likely that […]

Email Subject: Warrant or Subpoena?

As the digital world continues to evolve, so, too, do the matters of data privacy and legal protections. While one example is the invalidation of Safe Harbor and the ongoing work on the Privacy Shield, another is whether a warrant or a subpoena for stored emails more adequately protects privacy. Recently, two legal scholars made […]

General Counsel: Not Just a Legal Advisor Anymore

The recent 2016 NYSE Governance Services/BarkerGilmore Survey Report, “The Rise of the GC: from Legal Adviser to Strategic Adviser,” reflected the same points raised during LLM, Inc.’s budgeting and predictability webinar this past spring. Currently, the chief legal officer, general counsel and team are expected to do more than practice law; they must also be […]

Post-Scalia: Companies Change Class-Action Approach

When Justice Antonin Scalia passed away earlier this year, the decisions on pending cases entered the unknown. Scalia’s conservative perspective and vote were essential, for example, to corporate defendants in class-action lawsuits. Scalia was considered companies’ most “vigorous ally” by putting class-action litigation in check. Since his passing, the court has declined to hear class-action […]

3-D Printing Redesigning Products Liability Law

In 2014, Netflix released the documentary “Print the Legend,” which explores the 3-D printing industry by focusing on several competing companies. The documentary also delves into copyright and intellectual property matters. From printing a soap dish to controversially reproducing art to producing smart parts for NASA, 3-D printers are increasingly and seemingly able to print […]

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