Change-Makers: Legal Operations Experts

As we examined in-depth in our white paper “The Agent of Change,” the legal landscape is changing for both legal departments and firms. Departments are cutting costs and asking outside counsel to do the same as well as increase the efficiency of their legal service delivery model. Meanwhile, to remain competitive, many firms are responding […]

Counsel Tapping into Tablets

While continuing to grow in popularity in many homes and businesses, the tablet is also becoming a preferred tool in law practices, thanks to the encouragement of courtrooms and legal institutions. A 2015 ABA Legal Technology Survey even found that 42% of lawyer use tablets on a daily basis in their law firm. Per a […]

Traveling at Worf Speed: Klingon Copyright Case

A recently filed amicus brief takes the U.S. court where it hasn’t gone before: to explore the strange new world of whether a constructed spoken language — specifically, the Klingon language — is entitled to copyright protection. Bones! Buckle up!

At the end of 2015, Paramount and CBS filed a lawsuit against the production company […]

The Big Picture: Budgeting Infographic

Whether company or firm, everyone likes cost predictability. This past March we offered the webinar “Better Budgeting Analysis, Better Predictability,” led by LLM’s VP of Technology, Lindsay Stevens, and featuring the expertise of Vince Cordo, Global Sourcing Officer for Shell, and Paul Meyer, Managing Counsel E-Discovery for Willis Towers Watson. A free recording is still […]

A Bronx Tale of Court Delays

While New York City is known for its fast pace, uptown in the Bronx, underfunded criminal courts move through cases at a painfully slow rate. According to borough public defenders, this jeopardizes the constitutional right to a speedy trial for tens of thousands of defendants.

An NPR interview with one defendant highlighted this issue. After […]

“Famous Brand” at Core of Apple Case

Just last week we posted a blog about Apple refuting the claim that they had handed over their source code to China for business reasons while refusing to fulfill the United States’ request for private data access. Apple and China are making news again. This time, it’s inside of a Beijing courtroom.

According to Top […]

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