RadioShack Rings up Brand and Data Deal

Once known as the “World’s Leading Specialty Electronics Retailer” (clock radios, scanners, remote-controlled cars, anyone?), RadioShack declared bankruptcy in February and is now selling its brand and customer data to the highest bidder — the hedge fund Standard General. The $26.2 million deal has raised concern among independent dealers and franchisees as well as state […]

Google Phights Phishing, Briefly Phails

Google Chrome users who inadvertently get hooked by a non-Gmail phishing page and enter their password can now be notified by a new extension: Password Alert. Once an internal Google solution only, Password Alert is available for external user download.

According to WIRED, phishing continues to be “one of the most serious and intractable problems […]

Lawsuit against Pacquiao Alleges Low Blow

The “Fight of the Century” may be over but the dance around the legal ring has just begun for Manny Pacquiao and his promoter, Top Rank. This week, two boxing fans filed a lawsuit in federal court in Nevada against the defeated fighter for failing to disclose a shoulder injury to the Nevada State Athletic […]

Trial and Error and Mistrial

Or, “Do as I Say and Not as I Do.” A Texas judge who instructed jurors in a high-profile case to refrain from discussing the case with “anyone” was reprimanded by a state panel for posting Facebook updates about the very trial she was presiding over.

Courtesy of Ars Technica comes the news of Michelle […]

Court Docks Defendants’ “Fishing Expedition”

When the plaintiff in Caputo v. Topper Realty Corp. filed suit under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Law, the defendants responded with discovery requests for cell phone records, Facebook account information and more. The court

found these requests to be far too broad and narrowed it to sampling to determine […]

Justice Dept. Paints First E-Commerce Prosecution

The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division recently announced that David Topkins, a former executive of an e-commerce seller of posters, prints and framed art, has been charged with price fixing in violation of the Sherman Act. The division’s first online marketplace prosecution resulted from an ongoing antitrust investigation into price fixing in the online wall décor […]

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