Heavy on the Ink: Redacted Ruling for HP

A dispute between Hewlett-Packard and its shareholders lasting three years and including almost 400 fillings ended with a printer-cartridge bang when Judge Charles Breyer responded to HP’s motions for thousands of pages of heavily redacted documents to be sealed with a heavily redacted ruling of his own. Well played, sir.

Unsurprisingly, the redacted response […]

Lawsuit against Pacquiao Lands in Cali

Shortly after the “Fight of the Century” in May, we posted a blog about how the dance around the legal ring had begun for Manny Pacquiao and his promoter, Top Rank, when two boxing fans filed a lawsuit in federal court in Nevada against the defeated fighter for failing to disclose a shoulder injury to […]

Air Qiaodan? Trademark Issues in China

Who do you think of when you see this logo — hint: it’s not Nike’s Air Jordan logo — from a line of sneakers in China? Many might say it bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jordan’s own famous silhouette and infringes on his brand. A Chinese court disagreed.

Photo Credit: Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images


Big Win for KBR and Attorney-Client Privilege

It’s been a good week — make that 14 months — for Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a global engineering, construction and services company based in Houston, Texas. As reported by blogger Alison Frankel, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted KBR’s motion for a writ of mandamus against U.S. District Judge […]

Vive la Différence? Google Refuses French Order

As Google reorganizes and recites its ABCs, we turn to another newsworthy item involving the search engine giant. Recently, Google refused to comply with the French data protection authority’s order to scrub web results worldwide when users invoke their “right to be forgotten.”

Per a Reuters report, in June, the French watchdog group, the CNIL, […]

Hourly Rates of $1K: Far out or Fair?

On the rise, according to Ann Klee, General Electric’s VP of Global Operations — Environment, Health & Safety, are lawyers who charge $1,000 per hour.

Per a Bloomberg report, Klee made this assertion while filling in for Brackett Denniston, GC for GE, at the Big Law Business Summit. Klee stated that the number of lawyers […]

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