Safe Harbor: Time for a Change

The long and, for some, stressful wait for a Safe Harbor replacement may be over. Reports indicate that EU and U.S. officials have agreed on terms for the new “EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.”

The big question now: When drafted, will it survive if its validity is challenged and the complaint returns to the European Court of […]

Don’t Miss These Top 3 Panels at LTNY 2016

In the last year, we’ve seen a major trend in the legal industry: firms and corporations looking to work smarter, with a focus on collaboration, communication, transparency and, of course, technology.

As we gear up for LegalTech New York next week, we see that this trend is a topic for many discussions. We know how […]

Fitbit Skips a Beat with Latest Suit

How goes that new year’s fitness resolution? Whether you’re still going strong or losing steam, you may find the recent class-action suit brought against the makers of the popular athletic watch Fitbit of interest.

Users of Fitbit’s Charge HR and Surge models in California, Colorado and Wisconsin allege in their suit that the 2015 watches […]

Whether Companies Like It or Not: New FTC FAQs

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission updated the answers to its frequently asked questions, also called “What People Are Asking”, regarding its Endorsement Guides. The FTC last updated the FAQs in 2009 to address blogs and social media. Written clearly and in an engaging style, the FAQs specifically address questions about product placements and endorsements […]

Patent Suits Bloom in East Texas

It was a record-setting patent infringement lawsuit-filing month in November 2015. Of the 851 patent suits filed in federal courts, 467 were submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. According to legal research conducted by Lex Machina, per The Dallas Morning News, these figures set a U.S. record of a […]

What’s in an Organic Label?

For many, the new year means a clean start with a healthy diet, which may include more organic products. But what if some organic items aren’t 100 percent organic as declared in their labels? What if they weren’t actually produced with only organic ingredients and didn’t use sustainable practices and avoid synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, […]

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