Internet Providers File High-Speed Lawsuits

In February, LLM, Inc. posted a blog about the Federal Communications Commission’s passing of net neutrality rules, and that lawsuits to overturn the rules would most likely be next. Right on cue, two lawsuits were recently filed.

According to The New York Times report, the United States Telecom Association, which represents some of the largest […]

Citigroup Report Focuses on Firms

Corporate America isn’t the only one experiencing hacking incidents. Law firms, too, can fall victim to cyberattacks. According to a recent New York Times report, federal law enforcement authorities are encouraging firms to report such attacks.

A February 2015 report by Citigroup’s cyberintelligence center highlighted the vulnerability of larger law firms’ networks and websites. According […]

In-Firm Privilege Strikes Gold in Calif.

The Golden State’s Second District Court of Appeal has joined state courts in Oregon, Illinois, Georgia and Massachusetts in finding that attorney-client privilege also applies to in-firm legal advice. The court held in Palmer v. Superior Court (2014) 231 Cal.App.4th 1214 that communications between a firm’s lawyer and in-house counsel regarding a former client who […]

The Duty to Preserve, Mate

When does an international company have to comply with U.S. discovery demands? For the Australian corporation defendant in the case of Lunkenheimer Co. v. Tyco Flow Control Pacific Party Ltd., when it was served with the complaint.

The February 2015 order addressed intervenor/counter defendant Nilmini Klur’s allegation that Pentair Flow Control Pacific (PFCP) refused to […]

The Great Divide: Blackphone’s PrivatOS 1.1

Despite the many benefits a BYOD policy offers, employees’ use of personal smartphones for professional business can be the IT Achilles’ heel of a company. Blackphone’s PrivatOS 1.1 may be the answer to “modern privacy concerns.”

Built for Android-based operating systems, PrivatOS gives employee and employer greater control over privacy, without sacrificing productivity. How? By […]

You Delay, You (Might) Pay

Courtesy of the New York Law Journal comes news of discovery delays resulting in attorney fee sanctions in two Commercial Division cases: 135 East 57th Street LLC v. 57th Street Day Spa and Vladeck, Waldman Elias & Engelhard v. Paramount Leasehold.

In 135 East 57th Street, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos found that, for […]

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