Taking Up the Database Collection

The volume and value of data within database systems seems to be growing by byte leaps and bounds. So when you receive a data request, who’s your first contact: your IT department, a third-party provider or both? We outline advantages and advice as offered by Joe Sremack — a Principal in Berkeley Research Group’s Technology [...]

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Monkey Business: Technology and Copyright Law

A picture is worth a thousand words — or, potentially, millions of dollars. This week we take a snapshot of a brewing copyright case involving Wikimedia, a photographer and a macaque selfie.

The Wikimedia Commons entry: The monkey selfie, above, made headlines around the world Photo: David J Slater/Caters

As The Telegraph [...]

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Cause for Celebration: Rule 26(f)

As we enter August, we anticipate a notable inaugural anniversary next month: the proposed Pilot pertaining to the Model ESI Discovery Order and Checklist for Rule 26(f). Initiated by the United States Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, this checklist has already proven to be a valuable, sustainable and reasonable method for ensuring the [...]

Enjoy and Share: The Search Engine That Could Censor

In honor of Flashback Friday, we wrap up the blog week by examining the spring case of Zhang v. Baidu, Inc. and the protection the First Amendment affords the Google of China’s decision to censor information. is the largest search engine service provider in China and the third largest in the world. When self-described [...]

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Attorney-Client Privilege Goes to the Highest Bidder?

Fraud is never a good way to start a partnership, but that’s what Kyko Global, Inc. alleged Prithvi Information Solutions, Ltd. did in order to gain the former’s business. A fraud suit, public auction and bid for the defendants’ attorney-client privilege followed.

According to the Seattle, Washington, case of Kyko Global, Inc. v. Prithvi Information [...]

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Prosecutors: You’ve Got Jailhouse Mail!

This week, LLM, Inc.’s white paper on the international cloud and attorney-client privilege abroad takes counsel to the United Kingdom, Japan, India and beyond. This BLLAWG post brings the privilege focus back stateside, examining the growing trend among federal prosecutors to read emails exchanged between inmates and their counsel.

A recent article by Stephanie Clifford [...]

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